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Botox for the Face

If you’re dealing with horizontal forehead lines, frown lines between the eyes (glabella), crow’s feet (lateral canthal lines), and sagging eyebrows, Botox is the solution for you. We offer Botox for its effective treatment of wrinkles in the upper face. Other areas can be addressed on an individual basis to help you feel confident and smooth.


When you look in the mirror, do you see lines along the sides of your nose and mouth? If these wrinkles are causing you stress, dermal fillers are an effective treatment for you. We can do everything from smoothing deep marionette (smile) lines to augmenting your lips. This method has been proven time and time again to offer a youthful appearance and improve your complexion.  



Age can take a toll on your body – face especially. If the “apples” of your cheeks are looking tired and saggy, a volumizer is the answer you’re looking for. This is used to restore the youthful size of your midface to make years disappear. The results are long-lasting, typically improving your appearance for 12-24 months.  

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